Fixing an 8-track car stereo tapedeck

1970 Pontiac BonnevilleI received some capstan belts for my 1970 vintage 8-track car stereo tapedeck. These belts become brittle over time and mine were almost crumbling to dust. Now the old lady will be able to play me some tunes again while driving around.

Have a look at someone else's video below to get an idea of how such a tapedeck works.

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It took some time to track down suitable replacement belts especially here in Germany. I found them at (articles #12968 and #1062824) where article #12968 is a better/tighter fit.


marvinfreitasmarvinfreitas, 2011-07-19 07:09
we almost have the same studio set up...i google tascam m3500 and you came up..
i am swaping out the monitor fadersand looking for info on how to do this..
looks like a challenge.
grt site i dig your studio..

zhouzhou, 2011-09-07 03:20
atr-60,need some help.
Steve bSteve b, 2014-02-27 06:53
Hi! I'm desperately trying to track down a manual for the atr-60. Is there anything that could compel you to make copies/send photos of your manual? Cheers!
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