What's this site about?

Vox AC30 set up for recording I have built this site, so people like me, who enjoy building and fixing things by themselves, can use this as a source of information. It all began when I had to repair my old '68 Vox AC30 guitar amplifier. It turned out it needed a little more surgery than I 1626 HiFi Tube Amp Prototype had anticipated but since then I was hooked on the whole DIY and tube topic. I have prototyped a HiFi Tube Amp, which has been responsible for my living room audio experience for quite some time now. Finally I've got around to integrating this amp into a nice housing which it deserves. Then again I have so much other things to do, so this is an ongoing project and will take some time.

I've been planning to build my own custom tube guitar amp which will essentially be built along the Rectifier schematics with a few modifications. I've got all the parts and all I have to do is figure out a way to fit them into a cabinet that's maybe - just maybe - a little bit too small.

Tape Recorder stuff

Tascam ATR-60/16 I have developed an affinity to analog tape recorders. Don't ask me why but I think it has to do with being able to fix things yourself and being able to buy things nowadays which would have cost a fortune back when they were introduced. Reel to reel tape recorders are still fetching 4 figures and more though, depending on the number of tracks they provide, or the condition they're in. When you're into recording it would be much easier and cost effective to invest in a digital audio workstation with some decent hardware but somehow booting up the computer and launching your favourite DAW is just not the same as cleaning your tape machine and doing some quick tests and alignments before arming it for a recording session.

Well, maybe I just like tinkering with stuff where my eyes can still follow a path on a circuit board without the need of a microscope. The fact that most of those tape recorders came with a full service manual including schematics and parts lists makes maintenance (and tinkering) a lot easier.


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