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I'd like to give credits to Jim de Kort who planted the diy-virus in my head by simply putting that much interesting information about tubeamps and tubeamp-projects on his website

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Update [2012-02-17]

1176-meter.jpgFinished the second unit of a 1176 Rev. A Blue Stripe compressor clone. I finished and calibrated the first unit in October 2011 and had the second one lying around half finished for some time.

Update [2010-12-03]

Finished the Prologue 1626/5842 Tube Amplifier today. Might add some M80 tubes as peak meters some day. Projects are somehow never really finished.

Update [2010-12-03]

It's been a long time since I posted anything here but I've been really busy the last few years. I have updated a lot of pages though that cover some of the studio equipment stuff.

Nevertheless I've been able to make some progress on the Prologue 1626/5842 Tube Amplifier. I've taken the prototype apart and finished mointing all the parts on the new housing.

Update [2006-04-16]

I have been browsing Dirk's tube-town pages and found another Rectifier project by Nick Kim which resembles more closely what I was planning to build myself. Other than that I realised Dirk's shop has come long way since I first bought some iron from him in 2003. Wow! I have always hated chassis building and stuff that doesn't involve a soldering iron, so I may now finally build the amp since you can order some cool chassis from him.

Update [2005-01-22]

Added some info on the 1626 prototype. Shot some pictures, too!

Update [2004-05-18]

Yeah yeah, phono preamp… I don't have a decent record player right now so I think I'll switch to another project first. Actually that's two projects because the finished prototype version of the 1626 prologue has to fit into a chassis and therefore must be rebuilt. A friend knows some people at the university who might laser some holes into the chassis so I don't have to punch them. The other project is a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier clone. This is a guitar amp and I started thinking about it since I saw the schematics at Guido Boehme already did what I intend to do to some extent and he explains some of his work on his site. I know how this amp sounds and it is quite expensive to buy so I'll try and build it myself. I started looking for parts which are many and some are a rare find (cabinet, chassis, etc.) I keep a parts list updated so I don't lose track of things I still haven't obtained. News about the progress of this project can be found at the Rectifier project page.

Update [2003-12-26]

nuvistor7586.jpgI thought maybe I'll start another project as soon as the 1626 project is finished on the breadboard. That will still be quite some time from now but using tubes for RIAA like in the Odeion 3 phono preamp project by Remco Stoutjesdijk (formerly located at sounded tempting. Luckily I got some Nuvistor tubes (7586) today.

Update [2003-11-12]

d717_5.jpgManaged to get hold of a pair of sealed Genalex Gold Lion D717 Tubes.

Update [2003-11-06]

I have started to collect parts for the 1626 project I am planning to do.