Vox guitar amplifiers

ASCIII've always loved the sound of a 60's Vox AC30. Previous to the AC30, I had bought an AC120 which I had sold to my father to be able to buy the AC30. Later I got another AC120 when I was browsing the free ads section of Gitarre & Bass magazine. Childhood memories tempted me into buying this amp to own it again. Although it's not a very sought after amp, I find it to sound quite good, responsive, a little glassy and of course it has a lot of headroom with its 4 x EL34 power amp design.

When I got into building a recording studio and acquiring gear, I felt that I needed a one of a kind, reliable AC30 amp. The old AC30 is reliable but it needs constant maintenance and I needed something that just worked. I had been looking at a 2007 limited Heritage AC30 with the mahogany cabinet for quite some time but a price of about EUR 2.500 always stopped me from buying one. I missed the small detail that only 500 of those amps were built; 250 for distribution in Europe, 250 for distribution in the USA. It became difficult to obtain the amp but recently I found one for an incredible price, barely used and in flawless condition.