Tascam 234L syncaset

Tascam 234L VU meters This is the low-speed version of the 234 syncaset. It has been designed to meet the need in various fields for equipment having extended tape playing time. The only difference between this model and the 234 syncaset is that the 234L's basic tape speed is 4.8 cm/sec. (1-7/8 ips), while the 234 operates at the standard speed of 9.5 cm/sec. (3-3/4 ips). All other functions and controls are identical to that of the 234 syncaset.

I've checked the specifications and there are just a few (expected) differences in signal to noise ratio and overall frequency response. Of course the 234 scores higher marks there. I would have dreaded expected that the equalization would be different but both models operate at fixed 3180 µS + 70 µS.