Tascam 34B 4-track

Tascam 34B VU Meters

I still had a tape with some recordings I did back in 1996 on a borrowed Tascam 34. So in order to listen to it again I needed a similar recorder. The 34B was currently available and I am an unhesitant type of guy…

Tascam 34B sitting on top of the M-3500 mixer Right now the 34B is sitting on top of the Tascam M-3500 mixer. I don't know where else to put it as space is limited and I don't use it that often so I guess it will be ok for a while. Getting a nice rack and rack ears for the deck would be great but it's kind of hard to obtain those ears and e.g. a nice Tascam console rack like the Tascam CS-607B.

Have a look at the photos I took of the head stock and actual tape path. I'm a little concerned about the wear on the tape lifters and tape guides.

tapeguide_left1.jpg erasehead1.jpg erasehead2.jpg

tapelifter_left1.jpg tapelifter_left2.jpg tapelifter_right1.jpg tapelifter_right2.jpg recordhead2.jpg recordhead1.jpg

tapeguide_right2.jpg reprohead1.jpg reprohead2.jpg

tapepath1.jpg tapepath2.jpg tapepath3.jpg tapepath3_2.jpg tapepath3_3.jpg tapepath3_4.jpg tapepath4.jpg tapepath4_2.jpg tapepath5.jpg tapepath5_2.jpg tapepath5_3.jpg tapepath5_4.jpg tapepath6.jpg tapepath7.jpg